July 13, 2014

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WOD – July 14, 2014

Thanks again to everyone that 1) participated in the Glorious Gallop 5K representing Schedule II CrossFit and 2) came out to cheer us on at the Guilford CrossFit competition this weekend!

New gym t-shirts will be in at the end of the week!!

Summer celebration Saturday July 26th…..mark your  calendars.  More details to come!

Please remember to wipe down the floor and any equipment prior to leaving the gym!  We do our best to keep the gym clean, but we need your help.  We have purchased disinfectant wipes and have disinfectant simple green in squirt bottles.  Many thanks in advance for your help!




Clean pulls – 3@80%, 3@85%, 3@90%, 1-3@100-105%


Death by medball cleans (20/14)


2 min max double unders.  Rest 2 min and repeat.


Have a great Monday!




Save time and eat healthy by ordering from Cross Cuisines!  They are now delivering their gourmet Paleo food to the gym!  Please click on their link on our homepage to place an order.  Order by 5:00 p.m. Saturday for Monday delivery and 5:00 p.m. Monday for Wednesday delivery.  Make sure you select our gym for the delivery location.  Let us know if you have any questions!