April 10, 2016

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WOD – April 11, 2016

Our next new member on-ramp starts Monday, April 25, 2016.  Tell your friends if still interested!  Folks may try on-ramp for the 1st week FREE!!  At the end of the 3rd on-ramp class, new folks will have the choice to end their journey (no questions asked) or continue through the rest of on-ramp!  Then and only then will we collect payment for on-ramp.  In addition, we will have a new weekly incentive program for on-rampers which will be based on their timeliness in signing-up for an ongoing membership.  Please tell your friends and family!


Don’t forget to sign-up for Mindbody and Total WOD!


We are trialing our new S2CF Competitors/Performance program for the next 3 weeks.  If you’re interested in competing at the local level and want to hit your maximum potential, please discuss with a Coach. 


Kayla, our physical therapist, will be seeing folks for sports related issues/mobility on Tuesdays from 4:30-6:30pm and on Sundays from 9-11am (provided folks are signed up for an appt).  To sign-up, please add your name to the list on the desk.  Please also take a history of present illness form and fill it out prior to your appt.  Price is $25/session or $100/5 sessions.





Part 1:

20m high Knees

20m butt Kicks

20m walking single leg good mornings

20m Frankenstein walk

20m backwards walking lunge


Part 2:

Review Clean Complex “strength” segment


Part 3:

2 sets with an empty barbell of:

3 muscle cleans

3 hang cleans

3 cleans

3 front squats

3 jerks


Part 4:

2-3 sets of Strength complex building to starting weight




6 x Clean Complex: Power clean + hang squat clean + squat clean + jerk

  • Start at 50% 1RM based on power clean

  • add 5-10% each set

  • If new to these movements, stay at a moderate weight for all 6 sets and focus on technique

  • Rest 2 min between sets



“In it to win it”

AMRAP 7 min of:

5 burpees

1 C&J (155/105)

5 burpees

2 C&J

5 burpees

3 C&J

etc, increasing C&J reps each set


Post clean complex weight and metcon reps completed to comments!


Scaling Options:

Clean and jerk

  • scale to moderately heavy weight (55-65% 1RM)


Accessory work:

15 x turkish get-ups (each side) with moderately heavy weight