February 28, 2017

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WOD – March 1, 2017

FRESH TO DEATH…Jersey Shore theme this FNL!!  Join us for 17.2 this Friday night!  Whether you’re participating in the event or not, please come and spend the evening with us.  5 weeks of fitness, fun, community and growth!  Don’t miss out!

  • Schedule update: Thursday evening 7:30pm classes are cancelled for the next 5 weeks.  Instead, we will offer open gym from 6:30-8pm with the Open WOD announcement live streamed at 8pm.


17.1 division winners:

1st – Kristin
2nd – Ruth
3rd – Natalie
4th – Lulu
5th – Nathan

Scaled Women
1st – Kerri
2nd – Sandy SE
3rd – Bessy
4th – Karen
5th – Kathy D

Scaled Men
1st – Bob
2nd – Sergio
3rd – John C
4th – Scott
5th – Dave

Masters Women
1st – Mary
2nd – Beckwith
3rd – Christine
4th – Sue
5th – Tami

Masters Men
1st – Bryan
2nd – Steve F
3rd – Mike P
4th – JJ
5th – Jim

Rx Women
1st – Ally
2nd – Kelly
3rd – Melissa F
4th – Emily Oleson
5th – Chloe

Rx Men
1st – Mark
2nd – Charlie
3rd – Jay
4th – Chris H
5th – Steve K


May 12th is our 24 hour WOD-a-thon.  Go to eventbrite to register.  Event limited to 50 participants and it’s filling up quick!  This event is open to anyone with CF experience.



If you are interested in doing a nutrition plan (Renaissance Periodization), please let us know!





    • Monday – 10am-11am AND 6:30pm-7:30pm

    • Wednesday – 10am-11am AND 6:30pm-7:30pm

    • Friday – 10am-11am



Our next new member on-ramp started Tuesday, February 28, 2017.  Please let us know if you’re interested!  Folks may try on-ramp for the 1st week FREE!!  At the end of the 3rd on-ramp class, new folks will have the choice to end their journey (no questions asked) or continue through the rest of on-ramp!  Then and only then will we collect payment for on-ramp.  In addition, we will have a new weekly incentive program for on-rampers which will be based on their timeliness in signing-up for an ongoing membership.  Please tell your friends and family!  Contact us if interested.


Don’t forget to sign-up for Mindbody and Total WOD!  Reminder: you can NOT use your Mindbody EXPRESS app username and password for TotalWOD.  If you are having trouble signing-in, please go to the Mindbody link in the email we sent and register for a username and password.



To sign-up to see Kayla, PLEASE USE TotalWOD or mindbody online/app to register for a time on Tuesdays or Sundays.  We will be phasing out the paper form over the next few weeks.  Please also take a history of present illness form and fill it out prior to your appt.  Price is $25/session or $100/5 sessions.




Part 1:

3 rounds:

20 sec work/10 sec rest of:

Wall squats

Strict press with empty barbell

Barbell Good morning

Static wrist extensions (10 sec each side)




Part 2:

Review front squat/front rack mobility and WOD movements/scales


3 sets of 3 front squat building to starting “strength” weight




Front squats – 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

  • Start at 50-60% 1RM

  • Increase 5-10% each set as tolerated

  • Rest 90-120 sec between sets



“Who’s Texting Arvin”

AMRAP 8 min of:

1 HSPU, 1 C2B pull-ups, 1 burpee

2 HSPU, C2B pull-ups, 2 burpees

3 HSPU, 3 C2B pull-ups, 3 burpees


until time is up


Post front squat weight and “Who’s Texting Arvin” rounds to TotalWOD!!



Scaling options:


  • scale to HSPU off box

  • sub HSPU from downward dog position

C2B pull-ups

  • sub chest to ring rows

  • sub leg assisted C2B pull-ups