March 5, 2017

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WOD – March 6, 2017

Team physical challenge this week: front squats – 10,000lbs/7,500lbs


Join us for 17.3 this Friday night!  Whether you’re participating in the event or not, please come and spend the evening with us.  5 weeks of fitness, fun, community and growth!  Don’t miss out!

  • Schedule update: Thursday evening 7:30pm classes are cancelled for the next 5 weeks.  Instead, we will offer open gym from 6:30-8pm with the Open WOD announcement live streamed at 8pm.


17.1 division winners week 1:

1st – Kristin
2nd – Ruth
3rd – Natalie
4th – Lulu
5th – Nathan

Scaled Women
1st – Kerri
2nd – Sandy SE
3rd – Bessy
4th – Karen
5th – Kathy D

Scaled Men
1st – Bob
2nd – Sergio
3rd – John C
4th – Scott
5th – Dave

Masters Women
1st – Mary
2nd – Beckwith
3rd – Christine
4th – Sue
5th – Tami

Masters Men
1st – Bryan
2nd – Steve F
3rd – Mike P
4th – JJ
5th – Jim

Rx Women
1st – Ally
2nd – Kelly
3rd – Melissa F
4th – Emily Oleson
5th – Chloe

Rx Men
1st – Mark
2nd – Charlie
3rd – Jay
4th – Chris H
5th – Steve K


May 12th is our 24 hour WOD-a-thon.  Go to eventbrite to register.  Event limited to 50 participants and it’s filling up quick!  This event is open to anyone with CF experience.



If you are interested in doing a nutrition plan (Renaissance Periodization), please let us know!





    • Monday – 10am-11am AND 6:30pm-7:30pm

    • Wednesday – 10am-11am AND 6:30pm-7:30pm

    • Friday – 10am-11am



Our next new member on-ramp starts Tuesday, March 28, 2017.  Please let us know if you’re interested!  Folks may try on-ramp for the 1st week FREE!!  At the end of the 3rd on-ramp class, new folks will have the choice to end their journey (no questions asked) or continue through the rest of on-ramp!  Then and only then will we collect payment for on-ramp.  In addition, we will have a new weekly incentive program for on-rampers which will be based on their timeliness in signing-up for an ongoing membership.  Please tell your friends and family!  Contact us if interested.


To sign-up to see Kayla, PLEASE USE TotalWOD or mindbody online/app to register for a time on Tuesdays or Sundays.  We will be phasing out the paper form over the next few weeks.  Please also take a history of present illness form and fill it out prior to your appt.  Price is $25/session or $100/5 sessions.




Part 1:

Row 500m


Bulletproof shoulder complex


3 rounds of:

10 barbell good mornings

10 kang squats

10 RDL


Part 2:

Review DL and WOD movements


2-3 sets of 3 deadlift building to 50-60% 1RM




Deadlift – 5, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1

  • Start at 50% 1RM and increase each set

  • Rest 2-3+ min between sets (longer at heavier weights)

  • Make sure you have PERFECT form throughout.  No sloppy lifts!



“Paris Clenching”

For time:

3-6-9-12-15-12-9-6-3 of

Russian KBS (1.5/1)

Hollow rocks



Post Deadlift weight and “Paris Clenching” time to TotalWOD!


Scaling options:


  • scale weight to allow unbroken reps