WOD – October 10, 2013


Thruster review and 3 x 3 at 30% 1RM



For time:

Row 1000m

50 thrusters (45#)

30 pull-ups

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Reminder, we’ll be adding morning classes in November, so spread the word!

On-ramp folks, with so many people, we are trying our best to meet your availability should you have a conflict with the regularly scheduled on-ramp time.  Please let us know if you are unable to make it to class so that we can coordinate another time or a make-up.  Thank you!!

WOD and News – October 9, 2013


Review Power Clean with PVC/medball work


Power Cleans 5 x 5


**Additional day 2 on-ramp session at 6am.

If you are unable to make it Wednesday evening to the normally scheduled on-ramp class at 6:30pm, please feel free to come to the 6am session.


WOD – October 8, 2013

15-20 min of snatch/snatch progressions


“Over the Box”

For time:

7 rounds of:

7 OHS (95/65)

7 Box jumps (24/20)

WOD – October 7, 2103

Happy Monday!

10-15 minutes of muscle-ups/muscle-up progressions


“Shuttle burps”

For time:

Sprint 10m and do 1 burpee

Sprint 20m and do 2 burpees

Sprint 30m and do 3 burpees, etc, all the way to sprint 100m and do 10 burpees

Then come back down the ladder in reverse order

Sprint 90m and do 9 burpees

Sprint 80m and do 8 burpees, etc, to sprint 10m and do 1 burpee

WOD – October 5, 2013

Team WOD!!

WOD – October 4, 2013

15 minutes of one-handed kettlebell work focusing on kettlebell snatch



10 min AMRAP of:

Kettlebell snatch (1pd/0.5pd) x 10 (5 each arm then alternate)

Hollow rocks x 10

WOD – October 3, 2013

For time:

21-15-9 of medball cleans and hand-release pushups with 50 double unders between each round (ex. between 21 and 15, between 15 and 9, etc) starting after the first round of 21.

*May consider the following schema: 21-15-9-15-21 if you want a little more!  Same rule applies with double unders

WOD – October 2, 2013

EMOM x 15 minutes: Clean and Jerk x 2 reps

(Increase weight each round as appropriate)

WOD – October 1, 2013

15 minutes of pistols/pistol progressions,


“GI Jane”

(For time: 100 burpee pullups

WOD – September 30, 2013

Hit it hard and hit it safely y’all!!

15 minutes of snatch/snatch progressions working up to 50-60% 1RM


AMRAP 20 minutes of the following:

400m run

10 push-press or push-jerk (95/65)

15 sit-ups